Vision & values

Degen Alien Club aims to become the no.1 battle royale p2e gaming ecosystem in Cardano world. On top in upcoming phases owners will be able to grow NFT characters via collected experience and benefit from IRL incomes.

Wow, it has been straightforward message above. NFT projects on cardano are in the beginning. Our team has been there, if the first Spacebudz appeared, followed by Unsigs, Chilled Kongs and the list continues. We believe that the whole NFT space has huge potential to prove itself as interesting digital transformation of ownership, fun and business in the upcoming years.
Yes, NFT project should be considered as real business. For DAC team is Degen Alien story and ecosystem like a real journey, start-up of digital evolution.
Therefore we do not rush things. We focus on development and ecosystem first to provide the world where you can enter, stay, enjoy that stay, have fun and grow your interest and NFT characters.

We believe that Degen Alien Club battle royale maps will be engaging many NFT projects, players will be competing for prizes, having fun and build teams to work on winning strategies.

Last modified 6mo ago